You are not alone

You are not alone

Although it may seem that Peyronie’s disease is something out of the blue and you never even knew it existed, in reality it is a disease that probably affects up to 8-10% of the male population world wide. 

But it's understandable. It’s not easy to open up about Peyronie’s. Depending on the condition of the penis, physically and emotionally trauma can be significant. 

Because it's considered a rare disease scientific research is also rare. Peyronie’s beginning or let's say the outburst can not really be determined,  just as the outcome of it is unpredictable. Peyronie's can be caused through a physical shock that occured to the penis or it can be genetic. Right now there is no way to know what caused it. It’s also hard to tell when you reach the final stage. There is  just not enough research and case studies, which means that unfortunately, there is no treatment that would provide a secure cure for Peyronie’s disease. 


Most important to understand is that If the curvature is not too great, does not cause pain, and does not impair sexual activity, it may not need treatment at all in the long term. Otherwise, in some cases, the disease can heal on its own in a few months. There is a chance for this in the first stage which is usually between 6-12 months. 

For Defense Cure Himsly put together ingredients that are mostly recommended by doctors and specialists for this condition. Each one can help your recovery and can stabilize the condition as well. 

What we know about Peyronie’s is that it affects to shape of your penis, but not the ability to urination and ejaculation.

In the acute phase which lasts between 6-12 months (or even longer):  a scar forms under the skin of your penis, causing a curvature or other change in its shape. You may feel pain when your penis is erect or when it is soft. This scar will eventually become a fibrous plaque, a hard lump in the penis. Most affected notice that something is wrong when this hard lump appears accompanied with other common symptoms of Peyronie’s like penile pain, penis shrinkage or  penis curvature.

The Defense Cure treatment can be supplemented with vacuum pump or shock wave therapy. We do not sell such tools but it is worth trying them.

Avoid the use of any product that offers a fabulous healing because they will definitely not help. 

Do your best to achieve improvement or stabilisation in this first stage.

It's safe to say that when your problem stabilizes you have reached the second, and last phase: the chronic phase. The scar has stopped growing. The pain will usually be gone by this time, but sometimes it can continue, especially with erections. 

Also, erectile dysfunction (ED) or problems getting or keeping the penis hard may develop.

The good news is that there are many Peyronie's “victims” who have received satisfying results thanks to their treatments. If you haven't already, visit a doctor too, so you can get a diagnosis for Peyronie’s. Just to make sure that it is not another medical disfunction relating to the penis. 

So get yourself together and do your best to achieve improvement or stabilisation in the first stage. 

Let’s stay confident that you will achieve results! If you have any further questions We will try to answer them.


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